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recent indiana republican primary to richard burr.. mr. shaw focuses on senator lugar's foreign policy were the chairmanship of the senate foreign relations committee to deliberations on arms control. this is about 40 minutes. >> greetings and welcome to indianapolis. my name is brian howey and i published politics indiana and in this capacity i had the honor and privilege of not only traveling with senator richard g lugar to hear of all the way to siberia to a dataset, albania, but also had the opportunity to travel with the author who is going to be speaking tonight and that is john shaw who is current in congress since 1991 for market news and has written his third vote featuring senators lugar. i have to tell you a story that isn't in the book here. john and i followed "the sun" under from moscow are to siberia to a chemical weapons destruction facility. we ended up in the renowned town of cucumber, russia and then as senator lugar and sandman when not to do my act where the nunn-lugar act has stored highly enriched uranium from cvs whereas, john and i ended up with official
on tuesday, senator richard lugar are lost his bid for reelection in the state republican primary. he was first elected to the senate in 1976. he is currently the ranking republican on the foreign relations committee. here are his remarks to supporters tuesday evening. [applause] >> thank you so very much. let me make this comment this evening. republican primary voters have chosen their candidate for the united states senate. i congratulate richard mourdock on his victory. i want to see a republican in the white house. i want to see my friend ms. mcconnell have a republican majority in the senate -- mitch mcconnell had a republican majority in the senate. i hope that richard mourdock prevails in the november. i am deeply grateful for the remarkable efforts of thousands of volunteers who devoted countless hours to my campaign. the enthusiasm of good friends and loyal supporters over many months was encouraging. i think my campaign team, who made enormous personal sacrifices and never stopped working hard or seeking a path to victory. most of all, i want to thank my loving wife. [appla
in the united states senate, dick lugar, richard nixon's favorite mayor, gets yanked by republicans. the state of of the republican party. this morning we'll talk to both parties looking to take lugar's seat. and another hotbed of discontent. wisconsin democrats pick their man in the fast approaching recall vote on governor scott walker. we'll take a deep dive into the fierce fight that's only 27 days away from today. and mitt romney, another one of those pivots to november. this time it actually felt like on one. this is "the daily rundown." startling revelations about the double agent who ended up blow up that yemen bomb plot. lots to get to this morning. we know about indiana senator richard lugar. he was rejected by his own party in a double-digit defeat that was just one of last night's ballot blowouts. the results went largely as expected in indiana, north carolina, west virginia and wisconsin. the surprises were in the margins of victory. murdoch beat lugar by 20 points, 61% to lugar's 39%. new york overwhelmingly approved a state constitutional amendment that will constitutional will b
a man and a woman. >> the tea party claim another incumbent, richard lugar. >> hoosier republicans want to see the united states senate taking a more conservative track. >> even high school is not off limits. >> i did some stupid things in high school, and if i hurt anyone, i am sorry and apologize for it. >> lawmakers still at it. voters in europe trigger a political tsunami. >> money flows like water, and if the dam breaks some place, it could flood, even here in america. captioned by the national captioning institute >> vice president joe biden has acquired a reputation as a person afflicted with foot-in- mouth disease. on last sunday's "meet the press," he said that gay marriage is fine with him. >> i'm comfortable with the fact that man marrying men, women marrying women, are entitled to the same rights. >> that caused a major flat amid the chattering classes, and by midweek, in an interview with robin roberts, the president suggested joe biden had jumped the gun. >> he got out a little bit over his skis. >> the president says he had already made the decision to
election of our lifetime. >>> richard lugar was known for a long time in american politics as richard nixon's favorite mayor. that's some measure of how long he's been around. he was mayor of indianapolis before becoming a senator 35 years ago, he's one of the lions in the u.s. senate. a moderate republican in a very red state. tonight in the indiana primary, he's fighting for his political life. our report from nbc's kelly o'donnell. >> reporter: indiana republican senator dick lugar faced an unusual kind of political peril today. >> we're going to take the republicans out? >> reporter: he's widely respected here. considered unbeatable for decades, but tonight in a stinging defeat, lugar has been rejected by his own party, after serving 36 years. >> he's been a wonderful senator, especially in his early years. but at this point, i feel like it's time for a forward looking person. >> endangers our national security. >> reporter: lugar built a national reputation as a statesman on foreign policy, but made himself vulnerable at home. >> he's out of touch with the people of indiana. he never c
in 1976 for dig dick lugar could come to an end tonight. >> and what did you learn? >> it's "morning joe." stick around for chuck. >> all right. >>> the white house grapples with renewed scrutiny over the president's position on gay marriage as north carolina voters weigh in on a gay marriage ban today. will tar heels follow california's example or arizona's? plus -- plame blame it on tea parter fervor or washington -- dick lugar's career is likely coming to an end. another sign washington is undergoing profound change. >>> and the cia says it foil add frightening plot by al qaeda to bomb a schedule airliner with an upgraded version of the underwear bomb that may have made it through security. proof the terror network isn't dead yet. good morning from washington. it's tuesday, may 8, 2012. this is the "daily rundown." i'm chuck todd. a huge day in politics. lots of huge news. we're going to get to the latest on the thwarted terror plot in a moment. first, let's get right to my first political reads of the morning. so if it's tuesday, you know how i feel? somebody's voting somewhere. toda
claims and other income and, richard lugar. >> who wants toee the senate take a more conservative track? >> even high school is not off limits. >> no question i did some stupid things in high school and half by hurt anyone by virtue of that, i am very solid and apologize for it. -- very sorry and apologize for it. >> voters across europe for a political tsunami. >> money flows like water. captioned by the national captioning institute >> as we all know, vice president joe biden has acquired a reputation as a person who is afflicted with foot-in-mouth disease. on last sunday's "meet the press," he said gay marriage is just fine with him. >> i am comfortable with the fact that menarry men, women pairing women -- marrying women, are entitled to the same rights. >> that caused a major flap among chattering classes, and by midweek, in an interview with robert roberts of abc, the president suggested he jumped the gun. >> it was in spirit. >> one supporter said "the president and vice president played as." what are the odds that this was calculated, mark? >> i don't think so
is the relationship between a man and woman. >> the tea party claims of one more republlican incumbent richard lugar. >> who sure republicans want the senanate taking a more conservative line. >> even high school is not o off- limits. >> i did some stupid ththings in high school d if i hurt anyone with that, i am sorry and i apologize for it. >> a bomb makers still at it, and borders in europe trigger a political tsunami. >> money is like water, and if the dam brks, ththat could flood. captioned by the national caponininstitute >> as we all know, vice president joe biden has a reputation as someone afflicted with foot-in-mouth disease. on last sunday's "meet the press," he said gamarriage is fine with them. >> i am absolutely comfortable with the fact that many married menomen marrying women, are entitled to the same exact rights. >> that caused major flap with the chattering classes, and mieeeek, in an interview with robin roberts, the p president suggested he jumped the gun. >> he got a little over his skis boat t out of generosity of spirit. >> on the fox news website, a man wh
political life in a republican primary one week from today. he has more on the line? lugar or the tea party. >>> and another murdoch news, rupert that is. this morning britain's house of commons delivers a devastating assessment of the news corporation leader's leadership. they say he is not fit to run his company, the man who runs fox news. tuesday, may 1st. this is "the daily rundown." i'm chuck todd. today's anniversary of the successful capture and killing of osama bin laden has become a war of words. mitt romney trying to neutralize obama's signature foreign policy accomplishment. on the trail in new hampshire romney took a cheap swipe at the president trying to minimize his role in the mission. >> you wouldn't have given the order? >> even jimmy carter would have given that order. >> the president defended his campaign's web video narrated by bill clinton which suggests romney would not have made the call. >> i recommend that everybody take a look at people's previous statements in terms of whether they thought it was appropriate to go into pakistan and take out osama bin laden. i ass
. and a little less than an hour, author john shaw on richard lugar. after that, if a party on senator ellison said. later, we will re-air "washington journal" on behind the scenes of the 112th congress in the 2010 midterm elections. >> several evidence to tell you about tomorrow morning. the committee continues investigation into his corporations possible ties to british politicians. that is here on c-span 2 at 6:30 a.m. eastern. also on c-span 2, at 830 eastern, bloomberg posed an event on the economy federal economy and housing market. this includes shaun donovan and allen greenspan. >> four years ago, i was and a washington insider, and now i'm at this dinner, and i look like this. [laughter] [laughter] today i look like this. [laughter] [laughter] four years from now, i will look like this. [laughter] [laughter] [applause] [applause] that is not even funny. [laughter] [laughter] mr. president, do you remember when the country rallied around her in hopes of a better tomorrow? that was hilarious. [laughter] .. >> stat thank you very much, mr. president and good afternoon, ladies and gentlem
"book tv" programming in primetime continues with author john shaw on the career of richard lugar of indiana. the life of senator l. simpson coming up in an hour. after that from a look behind the scenes of the 112th congress and the 2012 midterm elections. later, another chance to hear the comments of arlen specter in his career. tuesday on "washington journal", look at al qaeda and afghanistan and pakistan. one year after the death of osama bin laden. then we will hear from an environment and energy reporter. she will discuss the impact of energy and environmental policies on the economy. later, an examination of an inspector general report on the veterans affairs department on the accessibility of mental health care. mark thompson, national security correspondent for time magazine has an update. "washington journal" takes your calls and e-mails live every morning, starting at 7:00 a.m. eastern on c-span. >> i have seemed to have earned a certain place where people have listened to me, and i have always cared about the country. he gave me a kind of a platform, the book did come
and we'll get to it. and richard lugar's decisive 20-point drubbing in the indiana senate primary, he only won two counties in the entire state. the guy who beat him, state treasurer richard mourdock. >> this race is not about animosity. it's about ideas. it is about the direction of the republican party. it is about the direction of our country. gwen: with that, the senate's longest serving republican met the wrath of the tea party. and the decision by voters that he simply been in washington too long. which was the strongest force? >> i think dick lugar lost for two reasons. he lost because conservatives -- the conservative wing of the republican party targeted him both within the party and outside groups. and they decided he was going to be their number one priority for defeat this cycle. and he lost because of dick lugar. he ran a bad campaign. he ran a campaign that did not speak to indiana voters. he did not focus on the issues that indiana voters cared about. and he could never come up with a good response to the criticisms against us. one, that a significant factor in losing t
. >> why do you think you beat richard lugar? >> well, because all politics are local politics. couple things came into play. first and foremost, senator lugar, as you mentioned in the introduction, had been in the united states senate for 36 years. especially during the last ten years, he's really lost touch with the people of indiana. a big issue that came up in the race is that he not physically -- physically had not had a residence in indiana since 1977. during the midst of this campaign, he actually filed a lawsuit to make the legal argument, you can't make me live in indiana. you know, hoosiers were very offended by that. over the several weeks after he filed that lawsuit, it was -- i could feel it, like a shock wave going across indiana. hoosiers are pretty simple people. we like to know who represents us, we like to know that they share our values. they want to eat an ear of corn with us at the county fair, have a chicken dinner somewhere along the way, and i think mr. lugar separated himself especially from hoosier republicans in that regard. >> mr. mourdock, i want to get you
lugar will not be heading back to capital hill. it was not close. senator lugar first elected in 1976 lost by 22 points last night to state trish remember richard mourdock. outside spending groups poured millions of dollars into this race. senator lugar was criticized by conservatives for being too moderate and spending too much time outside of the state. he issued a statement condemning mr. mourdock's politics. his unrelenting partisan mind set is irreconcilable with my philosophy. he will encounter roadblocks in congress and he will have more republicans who will embrace the same. his prime mission is to cleanse the party. that's the statement from dick lugar after losing his seat. john carry of massachusetts called lugar's loss a tragedy saying in part it is a blow to the institution during a period when the institution itself has been strained. vice president joe biden tweeted this. the senate lost a brilliant strategic mind, a man with absolute integrity. he will be missed. the chair woman of the dnc, debbie wasserman schultz said the republican party is now indistinguishable fro
that is what you see with lugar and murdoch. people are fed up with washington, d.c.. >> they are fed up with the spending and people telling us, it's just the status quo. we don't know how to make it better? yes, we do. send people to washington, d.c. that really are going to represent the people's will in this country. >> greta: explain how they run against either and say the worst things against each other, calling them socialist, flip-flopers and saying horrible things, everybody is patting everybody on back like we're all great friends. we saw those ads? >> there is some theater that goes on. i think all of us has been realize there is theater that goes on. >> greta: i just maybe -- more inclined to hold a grudge? >> my focus is we have to beat barack obama in november. mitt romney is the individual that is still standing. i'm going to for him and helping him. he will be multiple times better for this country than barack obama. four more years of barack obama will be deadly. >> greta: the statement from republican party, our guys is bad as yours. >> i don't think that was the case a
, but lugar is now kicked out. his tea party-backed opponent won by more than 20 points. senate icon did not go gently into the night, releasing a statement blasting the erosion of the political center. with, and mark halperin is an msnbc contributor and with "time" magazine. chris, we're going to talk about lugar in a moment, but stand by because i want your take on this as well. mark halperin, you're reporting a lot of signals, the canceled briefing by the white house by jay carney. they know they're going toward hollywood. they have this big event with george clooney. they're going to face so many of their married gay supporters in l.a. tomorrow. we see that there may be an announcement coming out of the white house today. >> every expectation that we will within the next hour be in a different world where we have a president of the united states who supports the legalization of gay marriage. he's doing an interview with robin roberts at abc, someone he's done many interviews with in the past. the vice president i think forced his hand. but even before the vice presid
a tea party candidate toppled veteran senator richard lugar. >> ifill: we get new details about the would-be suicide bomber who was a double agent cooperating with the c.i.a. to foil an al-qaeda bomb plot. >> brown: from cambodia, fred de sam lazaro reports on one group's efforts to help homeless children have a brighter future. >> in make-shift gatherings like this one-part kindergarten part clinic, the children come to get cuts and scratches tended, to play board games or a rare luxury: to shampoo their hair. >> ifill: and ray suarez talks with steven lee myers of the new york times about the high-level, diplomatic drama that freed a chinese activist. >> brown: that's all ahead on tonight's "newshour." major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: >> citi turns 200 this year. in that time, there have been some good days and some difficult ones. but through it all, we persevered. supporting some of the biggest ideas in modern history. so why should our anniversary matter to you? because for 200 years, we've been helping ideas move from ambition to achievement. and th
times magazine." tea party challenger richard mourdock ousted senator dick lugar in last night's primary after 36 years in office. he grated mourdock but offered an ominous prediction for congress, writing "what mourdock has promised in this campaign is reflexible votes for a rejectionist orthodoxy and rigid opposition to the actions and proposals of the other party. if that attitude prevails in american politics, our government will remain mired in the dysfunction we have witnessed during the last several years, and i believe that if this attitude expands in the republican party, we will be relegated to minority status." mourdock responded to this, this morning on "the daily rundown." >> what i've said is i certainly think that bipartisanship ought to consist of democrats coming to the republican point of view. >> well, there's that. joining us now from washington is former rnc chair and msnbc political analyst, the notorious michael steele. chairman steele, is this win, is mourdock's win a good thing for the republican party? >> well, yeah. i mean, i think it's -- you know, every win i
. richard lugar could become the seventh senator in three decades to lose his party's nomination for re-election. this could be lugar's last stand. it is somewhat of a self-inflicted wound. how much is tea party, and how much is lugar really losing connection with indiana, for instance, his address? >> yeah, andrea. you've hit it right on the head. i think it's facile but overly simplistic to say this is the tea party rising up being an establishment figure. there's an element here, but it's bigger than that. as you mentioned, dick lugar struggled with the fact he had residency issues. did he actually have an address in indiana? never a great thing when you're running. he also had to defend lots of votes in a republican primary. not ideal. things like voting for t.a.r.p. some of his votes on judges. just yesterday, he was out on the campaign trail defending earmarks. when you think earmarks are a good or bad thing the government does, they're not popular among the average voter at this point. so i think in some ways, dick lugar, it is a little bit self-inflicted because i know that peop
worked for the cia. >>> ousted after losing a primary to a tea party challenger, senator richard lugar has tough words for his opponents. >>> baring arms. transportation officials find parts of a gun and ammunition in a stuffed toy by a rhode island airline passenger. this is the "cbs morning news" for wednesday, may 9, 2012. >>> good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm danielle nottingham. al qaeda was duped. the would-be terrorist chosen by al qaeda to destroy a u.s.-bound airliner with an improved underwear bomb was actually a double agent. instead of carrying out the murderous mission, he delivered the bomb to u.s. intelligence officials. "the new york times" reports the informant is an intelligent agent for saudi arabia. susan mcginnis is in washington with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. an incredible intelligence coup. the al qaeda affiliate developed this advanced bomb. they think they're giving it to a suicide bomber but they hand it right over to an agent working with the cia. officials say al qaeda in the arabian pen ensue la, also known as aqap, failed
, como inferiores. de 6 mujeres y 43 hombres pisan que no fueron muertos en el lugar >> en los Últimos dÍas denuncial gente deparecidas, por eso pensamos que podrÍa haber sid de alguna otra identidad dla re pÚblica. >> el crimen organizado se atribuyÓ la matanza. >> se encuentra tambiÉn en el ha jo hallazgo de los que realizan el hecho tan violento, es la autorÍa de la banda de los zetas >> desafÍa el operativo y reforzar hace apenas en 72 horas. >> sabemos que la rivalidad ha traÍdo tiempos dificiles a nue Ón. >> el convenio extiende la presencia de los fuerza. >> la seguridad es una condiciÓn necesaria para aumentar la ocupes ejecuti competitividad. >> tiene caracterÍsticas que tr trasciende las regiones, que ha sufrido los violentos enfrentamientos. >> el centro nacional de prevenciÓn del delito y participaciÓn ciudadana indico que por falta de tres fraes trauk infraestructuras, son vulnerables a la violencia. >> ante los em bates de la delincuencias organizada, tambiÉn se reforzÓ en morelos y tamaulip tamaulipas, univisiÓn >> pasamos a colombia en donde el grupo ter
. >> (hablan en inglés) >> "acudimos a la propiedad, el lugar era un completo desorden y bastante insalubre, el menor será sometido a cirujia" >> en el lugar no se encontro mucha sangre, lo que no corresponde a las heridas por lo que se presume que el menor fue herido en otro lugar que no quieren que la policía se entere. >> el perro esta bajo custodia y luego se tomara la decisión sobre el destino del can. >> las autoridades en este momento no saben si las heridas fueron causadas por el perro, las del menor sí, pero la madre no se sabe. >> personas fueron heridas en esta riña, se encontro a 3 víctimas derivadas al hospital de san francisco. >> el sospechoso de este incidente es una persona de 20 años. >> un grupo de bandalos causo daños en la iglesia, lanzando piedras, pintura. >> un soldado de alameda perdio la vida en afganistan, sufrido a causa de un aparato explosivo. >> el jefe de alguaciles suspendidos esta en tema aún en la corte, verificando si se podrá utilizar el video en donde una vecina grabo los moretones que este dejó a su esposa en un pelea. >> los supervisores votara
san francisco y boston ocupan el segundo y tercer lugar... la vecina ciudad de baltimore esta en la posicion 8-de la lista... el estudio camparo datos del censo sobre educacion, ingresos, y la espectativa en otras noticias... el verano se aproxima y con ello aumenta las visitas al rio potomac... una situacion que trae a menudo un sin numero de desgracias por las personas que se ahogan en medio del disfrute... claudia uceda se encuentra en el lugar y nos cuenta como tomar precauci y evitar una tragedia...claudia... asi es en los ultimos 10 anos se han reportado 22 ahorados , la cuarta parte de esa cifra han sido victimas hispanas y es por eso que las autoridades hacen un llamado. el rio potomac se ve manzo pero en realidad no lo es... las s aguas esestatÁn y peligrosas... se vera un poco calmaba por la parte de arriba pero la verdad es que hay corrientes y el agua esta fria." el cuerpo de bomberos de montgomery dice que quienes suelen ahogarse mas son los que vienen a pasear con su familia y a pescar. en los ultimos 10 anos han habido un total de 22 ahogados... el error mas comun
hicieron. >>> los> ero ununivistes del o tanunivis tregua, actos violent dieron en diferentes lugares del paÍs. y yo pidision@@noticiero univisn protegido que se paseaba con la hija del azul. >>> enrique peÑa nieto fue cuestionado por el caso atenco. >>> por el exceso cometido por gu algunos elementos. >>> javier sicilia reclamÓ su falta delt empatia. >>> no pedirle perdÓn a las vÍctimas cuando seÑaron a usted como responsable esdirecto. >>> lÓpez obrador pidio que cambien por medio del voto. >>>>> no me pueden meter en el mismo costal. no hay ision@@noticiero univisi quadri dijo estar harto, y el presidente calderÓn defendio su estrategia que dejÓ 60 mil muertos, y dijo que este malisi ision@@noticiero univisionunivi univisdo. >>> gracias, paulina. y por cierto que allÍ javiernot sicilia recibiÓ todos de besos. y l enseguida lo que dijo el ciero ticano sobre los document @@cretos infiltrados.ciero isios y surgen mÁs datos en el horrible caso de canibalismo aquÍ en miami. losuniondremosnoero un aionivis. ya v@@mos. vticier ivisiounivnnon ♪ ion >>> el vaticano se empeÑÓ e
nos dice los lugares mÁs visitados y a quÉ se debe. >>> las playas mexicanos son el paraÍso de los estadounidenses. a pesar del foco rojo que colocaron las autoridares. uno de los focos rojos es acapulco, donde aÚn asÍ aumentÓ el turismo. >>> americanos, de menor cantidad pero sÍ tuvimos. en marzo abarrotaron puerto vallarta. y judith guerra de consolid mÉxico, que opera 900 agencias explica la razÓn. a quÉ se debe el incremento del turista estadounidenses. >>> logrÓ demostrar que tenemos seguridad en mÉxico como paÍs, y que tenemos mucho que enseÑar. >>> el programa de roial tour dice guerra que influencio bien. >>> hay un turismo mÁs especializado, cÓmo el de aventura. >>> mÉxico es un buen lugar para nadar, visitar ruinas. >>> suena como un destino muy chip, muy bonito. >>> la gente amable. >>> la violencia puede que espante a algunos, pero las campaÑas de promociÓn han funcionado, el gobierno pretende que en el 2018 pase del lugar 10 a quinto en el mundo. edgar muÑÓz, univision. >>> y estados unidos anunciÓ los ganadores de 500 mml visas. y desde este aÑo pu
, atacaron el lugar, la policía contestó con cascos y macanos ahora están vigilando el lugar, y ahora vemos los daños de este grupo de bandalos. >> una manifestacion pacífica, por un alto en los recortes de los empleados municipales que se tomaron la alcaldía de san francisco . >> exigían un alto de los recortes, y las perdidas de benefecios en la cobertura de salud . >> los manifestantes culpan a las grandres corporaciones que no pagan sus impuestos. >> ya es tiempo que tomen atención a los latinos por que estoy sueldos son miserables. >> visitamos a los supervisores, el alcalde se fue antes, y todos apoyan las demandas de los manifestantes. >> los manifestantes fueron notificados por agentes del alguacil que no podían quedarse en el edificio. >> mañana marchas por el día del primero de mayo . >> la policía continuará acá en el área, están evaluando los daños. >> y veremos mañana si hay algún arrestado de los bandalicos vestidos de negro. >> la asociacion de efermeras, se movilizarán mañana. >> por la falta de contratos, y no tienen beneficios sin embargo, los altos mand
n desesperadas scando un lugar para que vivan sus hijos. >>> john es un delincuente sexual convicto. >>> en la florida, las leyes que regulan el lugar donde pueden vivir estas personas son muy fuertes, tanto que muchas acabon vivido bajo un puente. >> losagresores sexuales de libertad cdicional, tiene que parques, muchas municipalidaes han aumentado ese número a 2500 pies. >>> como lo veo yo, no tiene derecho y no tienen que vivir en la sociedad. >>> el municio tiene20 mil habitaes y solo 2 son convictos sexuales. >>> no creo que deberían star en ningún lado, creo que deberían estar en a jungla por ahí >>> orlando y otras ciudades del centro la florida no tienen les eeciales,, esa es la razón que la mayoría de las 25 sas que se alquilan está irónicamente, en la ierra de mickey mouse. > el criterio para escogerla, según randy, que se ajusten a la distancia que ofrece la ley. >>> no podía vivir en nignun lado, ni aquí,i allá, dónde voa vivir. >>> modesto abusó en 1993 de una niña de 3 años en miami. >> visitaba ahí a un amigo mío. >>> y constió que tocastre a una menjro. >> s
que se ponga en mi lugar. solo un rato. >>> erik fue entregado tras cumplir una sentencia de un aÑo por violencia domÉstica, a pesar que es residente permanente y que su pareja retirÓ la demanda. >>> el en ningÚn momento le quiso hacer daÑo. como de novio que estuvieron un mal entendido. >>> no es justo lo que hacen conmi ho, es mi Único hijo. >>> Él registrÓ en el ejercito dee estados unidos y luchÓ en la guerra de irak entre el 2005 y 2010. tras sufrir heridas graves recibiÓ la medalla de corazon purpura. >>> por É antes era el que tocaba las puertas, por quÉ ahora nouvo ayuda del departamento de veteranos? >>> inmigraciÓn declaro que los casos reciben atenciÓn especial, se aplica atenciÓn para los que sirvieron honorablemente al paÍs. esta aplicaciÓn es la que espera la seÑora santos. >>> cualquier acciÓn tomada por ice y que pueda resultar en la excluciÓn debe ser luego de una evaluaciÓn deo un abogado local. la familia estÁ apelando la decisiÓn mientras tanto. >>> vamos hasta mÉxico, porque los candidatos del prÓximo 1 de julio se reunieron con familiar
consequential on the republican race. nbc news can predict that dick lugar lost his seat. richard mourdock is state treasurer. he's run three times before and lost each time. all the people left on the tea party side of things decided that richard mourdock is the guy they wanted to dump money on and end the 36 year career of senator lugar. he's never been controversial in indiana. he's won past elections by more than 30-point margins. in 2006, he won by 75 points. the democrats didn't run somebody against him. he got 87% of the vote. in terms of policy, he's always been just a mainstream conservative. one in expertise in foreign policy and arms control. those are not always very partisan things. they are the kind of political issues on which there's room for bipartisan agreement, which is why senator lugar turned up in a campaign. >> the single most important national security we face is the nuclear weapons falling into the hands of terrorist. i reached out to senator dick lugar to help lock down weapons. we have to lead the entire world to reduce that threat. >> for democratic candidate s
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